Steve Turckes

Principal, K-12 Education, Chicago

As a kid Steve would watch and help his father tackle an endless catalogue of household projects, inspiring a life-long curiosity about how things are built and how they work.

Later, sitting in his high school architectural drafting class it suddenly struck Steve – a career in architecture perfectly matched his creative curiosity and practical propensity. He was hooked.

After early-career designing projects spanning many sectors, Steve naturally gravitated to education projects. He has since been fully immersed in the design of PreK-12 learning spaces.

Steve is most inspired to positively impact the users of his spaces – students, teachers, families and communities. He believes in his clients’ missions and finds great meaning in collaborating with them to find solutions. He finds it highly gratifying to attend a building dedication and see the community’s excitement about the possibilities of their new school.

North Kansas City School District
The SAGE (Students in Academically Gifted Education) program was captured over the course of one day, with teachers, parents, and students providing their perspective on their experience-driven, innovative learning environment. This is “One Day at SAGE” – their space, their story.
Blythewood High School, Richland, South Carolina
“I strive to advocate for thoughtful, well-crafted, and relevant design. I seek to solve our clients’ problems in a way that helps their students be successful while making the world more beautiful.”
Fun Fact

Steve is a true maker. In his free time, he loves to tinker and create in his wood shop.

Steve's Featured Work

Local Art
Dena’ina Elementary School
Wasilla, Alaska
High School Stacks
William Jones College Preparatory High School
Chicago, Illinois
Ryan Middle School
Fairbanks, Alaska
Ballou Senior High School
Washington, D.C.
Springfield High School
Springfield, Pennsylvania