Springfield High School

Springfield, Pennsylvania

The planning process for the new high school, which will accommodate
1,400 students, emerged from a series of collaborative workshops involving nearly 40 administrators, educators, and students. The outcome is a highly efficient and flexible design that accommodates a wide range of activities, from independent study and collaboration spaces to traditional classrooms.

The cafeteria is positioned adjacent to the library, allowing the library to expand to the cafeteria when it's not in use.
Open learning commons are strategically placed throughout the academic area, allowing space for collaboration and hands-on project work as well as accommodating for future flexibility.
What makes it cool
A central courtyard, wrapped with student learning spaces, orients occupants with continual daylight and views, while connecting the community-facing athletics and arts zones.
The new high school is designed with an open courtyard at its center, dividing it into three distinct areas that can be securely zoned for shared community and public use. The courtyard provides natural light and easy navigation as well as a safe outdoor learning environment for both students and teachers.

Project Team

Steve Turckes
Jerry Johnson
Chris Hale
Aimee Eckmann
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