Susan Gushe

Principal, Chief Operating Officer

Susan’s passion for the environment comes from her love of exploring the Canadian wilderness. After graduating from architecture school, Susan moved from her native Ontario to Vancouver, where she began her career at a small architecture studio. The studio was dedicated to design excellence and to pioneering the green design movement through demonstrating leading-edge sustainable design principles in their work.

In her journey from junior designer to Chief Operating Officer, Susan has contributed to our Vancouver studio’s substantial growth and evolution into one of Canada’s leading design practices. While ensuring we remain true to our legacy, Susan focuses on fostering a culture of applied research and innovation, leveraging the diverse skills, knowledge, and talent of her colleagues.

“Our team is remarkably curious and talented. My job is to foster an environment that encourages and supports this deep, creative enquiry and to ensure that our work contributes to society at the highest level.”
The canoe that hangs in our studio’s atrium embodies Susan’s ideal of perfection in design. A lesson in the absolute harmony of material, form, function, and beauty, it aptly describes the principles that lie at the heart of the studio’s design approach.
Canoe hanging in atrium of Vancouver studio
A photo of the Vancouver leadership group standing on the stair in the atrium of the Vancouver studio.
Collaborating with colleagues who have a strong sense of shared purpose, in their work together, is at the heart of what motivates Susan.
NVIT Reflection Image
Nicola Valley Institute of Technology
Designed to foster student success and reflect the building typologies of the Nicola Valley First Nations; the state-of-the-art facility has a deep connection to the site and native landscape.
Embracing Culture and Values

Susan’s favourite project, the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology, is a post-secondary institution for the five indigenous bands who historically inhabited the Nicola Valley. The client group, comprised of elders, taught the team about the historic significance of the site, its flora, and fauna, creating a Governor General Award-winning building that embraced their culture and values.

Susan's Featured Work

Canada's Earth Tower Winter Gardens
Canada’s Earth Tower
Vancouver, British Columbia