Winter Garden in Canada's Earth Tower

Canada’s Earth Tower

Vancouver, British Columbia
Do Better. Expect more.

“No limitations,” were the words Delta Land Development used when they asked us to design a project that would “revolutionize the development industry.” With those words, “Canada’s Earth Tower” was born, designed to advance a comprehensive set of environmental goals in an unprecedented way.

At 40 stories, the mixed-use development will become the world’s tallest hybrid wood tower, dramatically reducing the project’s greenhouse gas emissions through carbon sequestration. Beyond timber, the project will be a zero-emissions building; it will not consume fossil fuels, such as natural gas, in operation. Equally important, the project will support community and dramatically improve livability in tall, urban residential buildings. Through creating meaningful connections to our natural environment, it will restore local biodiversity and provide public areas that are vibrant and accessible. By working with a visionary client, we are showing the world that we can—we must—design better buildings to affect real change.

Entry Courtyard of Canada's Earth Tower
Canada’s Earth Tower will include elements that celebrate and encourage the love of nature and natural systems, and leverage the inherent health and well-being benefits this brings to the inhabitants.
Overall Aerial View of Canada's Earth Tower
Why Wood is the Right Material

By employing BC wood from sustainably managed forests as its primary structure, Canada’s Earth Tower will advance the industry by altering market perceptions, providing choice, and putting the performance and environmental implications of construction at the forefront. The tower will use locally manufactured mass timber and a hybrid technique that will use reinforced concrete elevator cores to provide lateral stability to the structure, while engineered wood columns and composite floors will comprise the structure of the occupied spaces. Together, this will set a new benchmark for sustainable building performance and wood construction.

“I want Perkins&Will to reach around the corner and create something on this site that is the best response known to man for climate change and buildings.”

Bruce Langereis, President, Delta Land Development

Bold goals of achieving zero emissions led the project to being part of the CaGBC (Canada Green Building Council) Zero Carbon Building Pilot program, and to exceeding targets in the City of Vancouver’s Zero Emissions Building Plan.
Health and Happiness

We believe that living closely together in cities demands considered design to encourage positive social interaction. Canada’s Earth Tower will deliver a superior indoor environment for its office and residential inhabitants. By integrating three-storey south facing winter gardens, inhabitants will be given interconnected social spaces that offer an immediate connection with nature in clusters of 12-18 households. A rooftop terrace—complete with a greenhouse—will offer an unprecedented connection with nature and 360 views.

Grocery Corner at Canada's Earth Tower
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As part of our studies for Canada's Earth Tower, we built a two-storey balcony structure to test and analyze solutions to address structure, durability and constructability for balconies in mid to high-rise mass timber buildings will improve the acceptance of timber as a competitive structural system.

Project Team

Peter Busby
Adrian Watson
Susan Gushe Headshot
Susan Gushe
Kathy Wardle