American Express Sunrise Corporate Center

Sunrise, Florida
Well-Being Works

American Express had a clear vision for its new Florida regional headquarters: an open, light-filled, vibrant workplace that would connect its employees with nature to optimize their well-being. Knowing our own firm’s commitment to sustainability, the company entrusted us with the design—and, by extension, the health and happiness of over 3,000 of its staff.

We chose a sleek, modern glass exterior to usher in copious natural light, and to give employees floor-to-ceiling views of the lush green landscape, which features an edible garden and walking paths. Inside, four large skylight-capped atria ensure daylight penetrates even the innermost core of the building. And a variety of work spaces and activity-based areas—rooms for gaming, quiet time, and collaboration; private telephone booths; an exercise center; a cafeteria; and a daycare—provide employees with flexibility, convenience, and one of well-being’s most essential ingredients: peace of mind.

Biophilic design strategies abound.

Outdoor walking paths through a tapestry of planted berms connect employees to nature. Nearby, there’s an edible garden.

A variety of spaces give employees greater flexibility to work how and where they're most comfortable.
Brand patterning energizes the atrium spaces with color and a variety of textures.
We sought to create a place rooted in regionalism, yet also reflective of American Express's global reach. So we integrated the company's own brand patterns with representations of local South Florida plant material. In this way, the brand and its environment are intertwined.
Elevator lobbies come to life with large-scale artistic expressions of local plant material, providing color and pattern identity for each floor.
Connecting brand expression to regional geography, this Florida Room-inspired space celebrates local flora inside and out.

Project Team

Pat Bosch
Carlos Chiu
Lara Leskaj
Angel Suarez
Amina Helstern