Announcements 06.09.2022

Eileen Jones Inducted Into the 2022 IIDA College of Fellows

Eileen Jones is equal parts designer, storyteller, and creator of experiences, turning spaces into active, engaging, productive places in corporate interiors, retail, education, healthcare, and civic and cultural environments. For a career dedicated to creating places where values, culture, brand, and vision come to life, Eileen, Perkins&Will Design Principal and Branded Environments Global Practice Leader, has been named to the prestigious IIDA College of Fellows. Previously honored with the Leadership Award of Excellence by the IIDA, the leading association of commercial interior designers, her induction into the College of Fellows recognizes Eileen as a vocal advocate for excellence across design disciplines, a proponent of an interdisciplinary team philosophy, and a leader passionate about the education of future designers.

“For more than 40 years, she has crafted design solutions that capture the hearts and minds of her clients, building emotional bonds with place, and strengthening brand value,” the IIDA says. “Her leadership in creative problem solving, research, and strategic thinking has positioned her and her teams for award-winning solutions and world-wide recognition. Jones’s work is diverse and uniquely reflects the character, culture, and brand of each individual client.”

design philsophy
"Design of Place should culminate in lifting the spirit, overcoming separation, and promoting collaboration of diverse thinkers and disciplines."
University of Virginia, University Hospital Expansion
Newell Brands Design Center
Haworth Headquarters

Throughout her career, working across all practice areas and around the globe, Eileen has embraced a design approach that connects us through the arrangement of the environment and movement from one space to another. From a 1,500 square feet showroom in the Merchandise Mart to the 10 million square feet expansion at the Holy Mosque of Makkah, Eileen says the underlying theme is bringing people together with place-making in ways that bring delight and wellbeing to all who engage – to create places where people have an experience that is personal, meaningful, and relevant to them. “Design of Place should culminate in lifting the spirit, overcoming separation, and promoting collaboration of diverse thinkers and disciplines,” says Eileen.

Reflecting on her career and looking ahead, Eileen points to her dedication to educating and mentoring the next generation of designers. “Our industry has become more complex, but with complexity comes opportunity. To inform and guide future designers is to give them the tools they need to navigate their future – to understand the importance of research and problem solving, creative thinking, cultural impacts, and the communication skills to convey their design solutions.”

Northwestern University Ryan Fieldhouse and Walter Athletics Center
Environments created for DuPont Antron

As she imparts her design experience to new designers, Eileen can certainly draw on the rich lessons of her own award-winning work for clients such as DuPont Antron, Haworth, Northwestern University, Nike, American Express, the University of Virginia University Hospital Expansion, and the new WM headquarters.

The induction ceremony will occur during the IIDA Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 12 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.