American Society of Interior Designers – Headquarters

Washington, D.C.
Workplace of the Future

The new American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) headquarters is intended to be a living laboratory where collaboration, flexibility, sustainability, and occupant wellbeing are primary design drivers. The office can accommodate up to 40 employees allowing them to experience a high-performing, healthy, and flexible work space in order for their experiences and research to serve as a model for the industry.

With the aid of specialized wearable devices, a range of employee experiences were documented pre- and post-occupancy to provide research information to the design community. Employees have no assigned seats, but rather select from a variety of workplace environments based on what best supports their specific tasks. Spaces range from highly collaborative teaming environments to more private heads-down focused environments.

The new office includes a circadian lighting system, designed to mimic the daily color temperature cycle of natural daylight and an automated system raises and lowers the window shades in response to the sun, glare, and current weather conditions. Biophilic strategies were used to reduce stress and trigger elevated levels of cognitive and emotional performance.

ASID is the first project to date to achieve both LEED-CI Platinum and WELL Building Standard Platinum Certification.
“Every great project starts with a great team.”

Linda Rabbit, CEO, RAND

Project Team

Ken Wilson
David Cordell