Baylor Scott & White Health Administrative Center

Dallas, Texas
Time for a Change

When Baylor Scott & White Health decided to consolidate multiple satellite administrative buildings into one, risks were high. We knew the importance of departmental collaboration and the priority of creating a healthy environment for occupants. By working together across disciplines, we creatively implemented these elements and more.

Our goal was to foster well-being, flexibility, and competitive edge, while maximizing the efficiency of each program under the new roof. The advanced design of the building promotes a sense of community, with large open office floor plates where colleagues are never more than one floor away.

Through this bold move, the administrators of Baylor Scott & White are able to seamlessly work together and provide a more cohesive service to patients.

A Healthier Workspace

The Administration Center is at the forefront of the emerging “groundscaper” trend. Groundscapers are defined as buildings that are as wide as skyscrapers are tall. By alleviating the need for a cramped elevator ride, groundscrapers keep people appropriately distanced, as well as more active.

Large overhangs of the upper levels provide shade to the abundant glazing and daylighting, also promoting the use of the outdoor patio area during all times of the year.
“We envisioned our 3-acre floorplates as permeable and accessible platforms for the work of Baylor Scott and White. With the expanded footprint, all employees are able to enjoy the abundant sunlight, greenspace, and connectivity that come with ease of motion in a building.”

― Ron Stelmarski, Design Director

The interior architecture includes generous clerestory windows that let natural light into even the most interior workspaces on the floorplace.
The central open stair promotes the healthy, active lifestyle represented by the BSWH system, as well as the direct connection to a park with walking trails.

Project Team

Ron Stelmarski
Tom Reisenbichler
John Strasius
Matthew Crummey
Matthew Crummey