In The Media March 21, 2023

Architecture critic Mark Lamster profiles Ron Stelmarski for The Dallas Morning News

"No one has done more to shape the city's built environment this century."
Ron Stelmarski
Ron Stelmarski pictured in front of The Galbraith
Image credit: Shafkat Anowar / The Dallas Morning News

Ron Stelmarski became the Design Director for the Dallas studio in 2011 and in just over a decade, he has profoundly influenced the architectural character of the city.

Architecture critic Mark Lamster of The Dallas Morning News interviews Ron on his inspiration, design philosophy, and his vision for the future of Dallas.

“There’s thousands, maybe tens of thousands, who will experience these buildings on the inside,” says Stelmarski. “But you’ve got millions who will experience them from the outside, and it better be a damn good experience in terms of what they’re seeing and how they’re interacting with it.”

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