C6 Bank Office

São Paulo, Brazil
A Workplace Built on Company Values

C6 Bank’s partners sought us out to build a new digital bank in a fresh and open office space. The company’s innovative identity called for a headquarters that stood out from the traditional, capable of engaging the company’s values of liberty, creativity, teamwork, and respect. Together, we created a workplace that integrates collaboration across an eight-story building.

Art is all over the space
Interaction with the company starts at the building’s entrance, where a wide forum provides a space for events.
An Open Culture

The company’s culture is translated in small details, such as oval tables in meeting rooms that allude to the absence of hierarchy. Transparent partitions in the meeting rooms help integrate the spaces and refer to the bank’s values of ethics and freedom.

Phone booths follow the hexagon shape, due to the carbon reference.
A Place to Unwind

At the top floor, a relaxation area complete with games and bleachers encourages socialization and decompression. Couches and ping-pong tables create an ideal space for the company’s parties and events.

The first floor is dedicated to a startup hub, providing varied seating options so employees can choose their preferred work station. 
Cafeterias placed at every other floor encourage team members to interact by circulating through the floors.
Leisure area is not just a place to relax, but also another great place to work.

Project Team

Fernando Vidal