A rendering of the building's interior with students actively using the space
a rendering of the exterior of the center for medical education and wellness

Center for Medical Education and Wellness

Shreveport, Louisiana
A Campus Catalyst

The Center for Medical Education and Wellness is an engine behind the next generation of health professionals in Louisiana. Designed to connect students to one another and body to mind, the building inspires active learning and collaboration.

The dynamic form acts as a gateway to campus. Shimmering glass and metal extend from a terracotta base, using energy, transparency, and lightness to transform the structure from bunker to beacon. This vitality matches that of the programs inside: research labs including an Emerging Viral Threats (EVT) lab, a unique classroom-in-the-round and other instructional spaces, clinical skills and simulation suites, plus a fitness center and student dining. Outside, the open and sheltered plaza and promenade offer all a warm welcome.

a rendering of the glass and metal exterior building
Learning as a "Wellness Journey"

We see the facility as a wellness journey, promoting an experiential medical education while encouraging holistic well-being. Students navigate floor plates that are visually and physically linked in a way that nurtures university culture as well as connections between nutrition, fitness, and intellectual discovery.

a rendering of a training lab in the center for medical education and wellness
In addition to training labs, the building hosts the EVT lab, a regional service that monitors harmful pathogens.
a rendering of a classroom in the round with rows of students listening to a professor in the center
A classroom-in-the-round creates a unique learning experience. More intimate and immersive than a standard lecture hall, this design emphasizes interactive, face-to-face interaction.
a rendering of an aerial shot of the building's exterior
Occupying what used to be a parking lot, the building's dynamic form and surrounding green space energize the center of campus
Building Community

The building is lifted, opening the ground plane. This makes the area a thoroughfare and communal asset rather than an obstacle to pedestrians. Offering shade to those traveling along the interconnected walkways that flow through it, the plaza creates a space to meet and catch a breeze on a hot Louisiana day.

a rendering of pedestrians strolling through the plaza
a rendering of students learning in a simulation suite
Real-world Learning

The clinical skills and simulation suites promote an active, hands-on education, preparing students to enter their medical careers with earned confidence.

Project Team

Ron Stelmarski
Heidi Costello