Creative Office Resources Showroom

Boston, Massachusetts
A Choreographed Destination

The Creative Office Resources showroom is a destination for designers, clients, and employees. As the largest dealer in the country for the MillerKnoll furniture brand, Creative Office Resources (COR) is dedicated to shaping spaces for connection and community. Their new flagship location embodies the iconic brand and supports their commitment to the future of flexible work. Customer experience is at the heart of the showroom’s design, with a choreographed layout that guides visitors as they discover classic furniture pieces and architectural products.

The showroom is anchored in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood. This historic site, with rich former industrial architecture, affords COR visibility and connectivity with downtown Boston, enriching the brands’ relationships with neighboring designers and clients.

What it is
A flagship showroom for the largest MillerKnoll dealer in the country.
Design Concept
A sequenced path showcases classic products and weaves together intentional areas for working, meeting, and gathering.
Flexible Space, Unified Journey

Multipurpose in use, the showroom is organized with flexibility in mind. Specific zones are designed to be converted to host special events and facilitate the convergence of creative teams. Along the tour path, customers can see a variety of products in real-time use and as a showcase of the brand. Material selections are neutral and refined, allowing the existing architecture to speak and products to shine.

What Makes it Cool
Integration of the existing building's exposed brick masonry, wood columns, and beam structures sparks a distinctive, layered character.
"Our employees and customers are so complimentary of our new showroom. The space strengthens our connections and has led to deals because people just love the space."

― Alex Sanda, Creative Office Resources Managing Principal, New England

Project Team

Jennifer McGrory
Jeannine Campbell