Designing Our Boston Studio

Boston, Massachusetts
Innovation in the Heart of Downtown

Informed by a rigorous assessment process intended to disrupt traditional ideas of what an office can be, the design of our Boston studio was driven by workplace culture and values. The studio embodies the firm’s culture of collaboration and experimentation as well as the principles of Living Design: a framework rooted in sustainability, resilience, well-being, regeneration, and social equity.

Unique space allocations facilitate showcasing and reviewing work through abundant presentation and collaboration areas. Open and flexible communal areas serve as places for socializing and hosting events, while traditional workstations, meeting rooms, and private areas are designed to maximize productivity.

A floorplan designed for collaboration.

Bolstered by the philosophy that a workplace should be a “Living Design Lab,” an immersive gallery welcomes all while unique workspaces flank the core, allowing for flexible gathering anywhere throughout the studio. This people-first design not only showcases creativity but fosters it too.

what makes it cool
Innovation on display.

Much like a museum with an artist-in-residence, the design of the space puts invention on display. This idea informed and sparked the creation of our entry gallery — a space for rotating installations that represent the physicality of the studio work product including models, drawings, refined artifacts, and digital projection.

Built to adapt.

Adjacent to the cafe, a conference room provides spatial flexibility through an operable wall that allows for a variety of engaging layouts for collaboration, peer reviews, and training.

Areas of focused invention.

Areas of small collaboration are embedded in each neighborhood of desks, these touch-down spaces provide space for informal chats and impromptu meetings. The open workspace area follows an unassigned seating system that creates an agile work environment and allows for maximum flexibility between studios.

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Project Team

Jeannine Campbell
Yanel de Angel
Andrew Grote
Eric Keune
Jennifer McGrory