Newell Brands Atlanta Rooftop

Sandy Springs, Georgia
Raising the Roof

Everyone intuitively understands that lush greenscapes quell anxiety and worry. So what happens when a company directive is to help their employees relax throughout the day? Enter Newell Brands and their initiative to create a healthy workspace environment.

We recommended a green roof and got immediate buy-in. Good thing since the ribbon cutting was just eight weeks away. We quickly went to work.

Because of the roof’s structural limitations, the landscaping area had to be built five feet above the existing roof line because, well, it’s a really heavy garden. An additional bonus? It provides an even lighter footprint through storm water volume reduction.

Ultimately, the Zen-inspired seasonal garden serves as both a private oasis during the ‘ol 9-5 and social space after.

A reflecting pool adds a focal point, while the terrace is used for weekly barbeques.
Design Excellence

Thanks to stream buffers, roads, property lines, and extremely limited exterior space, the project proved to be a perfect scenario for retrofitting. All three spaces have rich backstories, but the entrance plaza—pinched by a 14’ wall, a road, and a building—is a favorite.

It’s now home to a sheltering canopy, informal meeting spaces, and custom benches designed within fifteen seconds. Yes, that’s right. Fifteen seconds. Because the benches from Spain were stuck in customs, a quick sketch was approved even more quickly and made just in time for the opening.

The green roof, built five feet above the existing roof line, functions as an event space during non-work hours.

Project Team

Zan Stewart
Leo Alvarez