Leo Alvarez

Principal, Landscape Architecture, Atlanta

By the age of eight, Leo knew he wanted to be a designer. Born in Cuba and raised in Miami, he was exposed to a vibrant design culture at an early age, and was encouraged to explore his creativity through the arts. That motivation, coupled with an analytical approach towards his work, was the perfect recipe for a career in landscape architecture. After a decade-long stint in academia, Leo returned to the drawing board, and continues to craft award-winning sustainable designs for the public realm.

Tactical and clever, Leo lives by three simple words when tasked with any new project: Inspiration, Intent, and Iteration. No two projects are the same, and the method by which a designer approaches any project should reflect its unique circumstance.

When not traveling between Miami and Atlanta, you can find Leo and his wife holding impromptu jam sessions on the electric guitar and bass, respectively.

Project sketch of a ribbon perspective design.
Atlanta BeltLine
Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail
Atlanta, Georgia
“Being able to assess the parameters of a problem – and the possibilities of a solution – is exactly what good design is all about.”