Skender Construction

Chicago, Illinois
A New Home for an Industry Disruptor

Skender, a construction industry disruptor, imagined a highly collaborative workplace in a new, progressive and developing neighborhood. Looking to advance their business culture, this move needed a clear vision and rebrand to avoid the risk of negatively affecting retention and recruitment.

The new space tells the story of Skender’s transformation into a leading tech construction company. It differentiates them from the competition. In the heart, a central hub reflects their vision of connecting people to foster their vibrant culture. The flexible hub walls unfold to accommodate high-energy workshops, town halls, and external events. Embedded in the fabric are comfortable, contextual and hard-working materials that echo the grittiness and historical nature of the neighborhood.

A buzz has been generated, influencing a high volume of tours that attract new clients and the best and brightest talent.

What Makes It Cool
A network of inspiring spaces that links their vibrant culture.
A steel framed ceiling/lighting element draws you into the large flexible central café hub space that supports multiple daily functions.
Throughout the space, the brand message integrates within the architecture.

From the face wall (expressing the vibrant culture of their office), to the lean coffee wall (that allows their employees to express their creative freedom), the message is always about their people.

As part of Skender’s brand messaging and culture, we wanted to emphasize the diverse group of people who are the heart of organization.
Adjacent to the café hub are 3 large flexible phase rooms, unfolding to create a large internal meeting and social space.
The heart of Skender's new space is a central hub that has many purposes. It can be used day-to-day as an all-day workspace, and also for social gatherings.
A team based workplace kit of parts developed through working closely with Skender leadership.

Five neighborhoods of height adjustable workstations including a variety of adjacent meeting spaces made up the fabric of the open plan. The close adjacency to the team provided the agility required to support their fast-paced work.

The open plan includes sit-stand desks lining the perimeter allowing all-day access to natural light.
Leadership Office
Skender’s leadership culture is that of alignment, trust, and transparency.

This inspired a design where they sit together at a large table in a shared office. The space looks into the open plan through a clear glass wall, giving the staff visual access to the leadership group. It’s a testament to the comradery of the leadership team and transparent nature of their leadership style.

Project Team

Tim Wolfe
Mike Reinhart