Mike Reinhart

Principal, Corporate Interiors, Chicago

Mike was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan and his family worked together with their neighbors build their home.  It was memorable experience to say the least – the team spirit, the design vision, seeing the result of everyone’s hard work, but it was a high school drafting teacher with a penchant for taking his students on field trips to construction sites that got Mike started on his path to architecture.

Mike’s first job was with a small firm in Chicago where the owner placed a lot of faith in young talent. With only a few years’ experience, Mike was well-schooled at things it takes many architects decades to learn, and because of this early mentorship he understands the importance of investing in staff.

Out of necessity, at this small firm he learned everything he could, and he learned it quickly. When he eventually sought a career change, he transitioned to The Environments Group. Here, he built his portfolio and grew his design leadership skills, staying with the company through their merger to Perkins&Will. He has held a leadership role at Perkins&Will ever since, and is committed to furthering design excellence and investing in young talent.

Confidential Client; Denver CO
Confidential Client, Denver CO
Mike's long term clients include many top consulting, financial, and insurance firms nationwide.
Mike defines successful projects as those that are worthy of discussion - projects that have stories to tell. It’s more about complexity than size – how the challenges were addressed and resolved. One such project involved the design of a trading floor for a high frequency proprietary trading firm. The client was really pushing the envelope in terms of workplace performance – to the extent that they forced changes to the Chicago Building Code. Unique and complex, it’s exactly the kind of project that tops Mike’s list of most interesting and successful.
Gavilon Trading Floor
Gavilon, Omaha NE
“My philosophy is one of inclusion, organization and maximizing time and effort so designers and technical team members can spend their time focused on design and execution and not have to deal with the peripheral things that impact a project. I want to pave a well-organized path so the team can do what they’re good at.”

Mike's Featured Work

Skender Construction
Chicago, Illinois
Sterling Bay
Chicago, Illinois