Sterling Bay

Chicago, Illinois
An Agile Workplace with Panoramic Views

When Chicago’s most transformative and innovative developer, Sterling Bay, was busting at the seams, the need for a new space to both accommodate their growth, but also reflect how far they had come was evident. The challenge was to create a space that supported critical client engagements, but also a space where their dynamic talent could thrive.

We created two major zones for their new work environment. The first, a client facing space with a variety of conference room styles, sizes, and technology. The heart of this space is a multi-functional viewing platform, The Lookout, offering panoramic views of their Fulton Market developments and Chicago’s skyline. The second zone, the workplace, was designed with flexibility to respond to their ever growing and evolving business. Agility was key and attention was on the day in the life of their staff to provide focus space, but close adjacency to space they could quickly come together.

The workplace is open flexible planning that can be reconfigured as their business evolves.
What Makes It Cool
Panoramic viewing platform that frames a view of their Fulton Market developments and Chicago skyline.
Client conference rooms and a multifunctional viewing platform are located at the eastern curtain wall to provide a full view of their developments, the vibrant neighborhood, and the Chicago skyline.

To further support their strong culture, a full service café,with a variety of seating configurations allows staff a space to recharge, connect, or meet in a town hall setting.

Adjacent to the open plan are a variety of meeting spaces to support their highly collaborative day-to-day activities.

Project Team

Tim Wolfe
Gina Berndt
Mike Reinhart
Mark Walsh