The Epic

The Epic

Dallas, Texas
A New Gateway

From the soulful blues of Blind Lemon Jefferson to cutting-edge animation studios, Deep Ellum has always been ahead of the curve.  A place where the bold thrive and unique is the norm. Not only steeped in music and arts history, Deep Ellum is readily identifiable architecturally with its rich texture of dense brick industrial buildings.

Positioned within the overlap of Downtown Dallas and Deep Ellum, The Epic defines a new gateway to this distinctive neighborhood and serves as a transition between the pedestrian scale urban fabric and the loftiness of downtown high-rises.

The Epic Overall Development
The office tower’s form creates a vertical patchwork mitigating the transition from the low-rise scale of Deep Ellum to the high-rise scale of downtown.

The “Traveling Man” sculpture welcomes visitors to an art-lined street cutting through the site, drawing in the active street life so characteristic to the area.  This thoroughfare invokes the former threshold to the neighborhood, the mural-covered Good-Latimer tunnel, once located adjacent to the development.

The office tower is composed of three offset volumes offering both shade from the summer sun and outdoor terraces with views in all directions.

Project Team

Phil Callison
John Strasius
Ron Stelmarski
Mary Dickinson