USGBC Headquarters

Washington, D.C.
The new USGBC headquarters is a showroom for all the organization does. A ribbon wall embraces the public space and symbolizes the connectedness of sustainability, resilience, biophilia, and human wellbeing.

The new headquarters for the United States Green Building Council embodies their brand and mission to reduce the negative impacts of the built environment while promoting health and well-being with a focus on enhancing the human condition. As a result in an evolution of how the organization used the space, the USGBC looked to reduce their footprint and consolidating into one section of their existing space. The space is divided into two areas, one is a refresh of the existing office staff workspace, and the second is a new public facing collaboration area, that demonstrates an evolution of the USGBC brand.

Knowledge Library
The Knowledge Library is a public-facing resource that showcases the full inventory of innovative products and materials installed on the project (including an assortment of items reused).
Technology and Tectonics

The design team used this project as an opportunity to evaluate USGBC’s previous headquarters as a material bank. Colored glass partitions and reclaimed wood were repurposed as feature elements in the new space contributing to the material’s circularity. Partitions, doors, ceilings, and furniture were salvaged for reuse contributing to the project’s embodied carbon reduction. Carbon neutral and negative products were specified as new materials where possible.

Community and Inclusion
The office provides hospitality and meeting areas to serve as convening and community space for groups to gather and share experiences meant to move the green building industry forward.
Podcast Studio
Forming the backdrop to the public space, reused pieces from the original U.S. Green Building Council wood paneling were repurposed outside the Podcast Studio. Working with the contractor on site, individual panels were selected to maintain parts of the engraved logo. An acoustically rated window allows guests to peek in and watch while podcasts are recording.

Project Team

David Cordell
Rod Letonja
Ken Wilson