Project Spotlight 11月 14, 2022

Like magic, a stadium canopy “floats” above the stands

Simon Fraser University’s new stadium is an architectural and engineering marvel that’s reinvigorating school spirit.
Innovative sports and recreation architecture: Simon Fraser University’s new stadium canopy
SFU Stadium
Burnaby, BC
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Student organizations at Simon Fraser University (SFU) have long rallied for a proper sports stadium on campus. The Burnaby, British Columbia-based institution opened in 1965 without one, but by 2012, students raised $10 million for a 2,000-seat stadium with a striking focal point. “It took six decades’ worth of student determination to make this building happen,” says the university’s senior project manager, Gerald Gongos. The university’s leadership contributed an additional $10 million to get the project across the financial finish line.

"Whether you see the place in the rain, a beautiful sunny day, or if it's at night with the light towers on, it just looks awesome."

James Bremmer, Project Manager, Campus Planning and Development