Project Spotlight January 15, 2024

A creative community grows in an old San Francisco shipyard

Pier 70’s Building 12 makes the future through the past.
Building 12
San Francisco, California
230,000 square feet
Designed by
Brookfield Properties and the Port of San Francisco
Developed by

Building 12 was constructed on San Francisco’s Pier 70 in 1941, when it was one of the most prolific shipyards in the U.S. Decades after shipbuilding in the area declined, Brookfield Properties and the Port of San Francisco teamed up to transform the industrial site into a mixed-use neighborhood, repurposing Building 12 as a hub for a new community.

Today, the building’s weathered steel façade invites the public into a grand market hall and new mezzanine through three striking red entry portals and operable window walls. Artisan and maker studios fill out the added second level, while the upper floor is home to a flexible workspace. With its special blend of industrial grit and refinement, Building 12 ties the new neighborhood to its roots while looking to the future.

“Today cities are becoming more homogeneous, but developers can reverse this trend by embracing adaptive reuse. Putting a historic building back into use is not only a greener and more profitable choice for your bottom line, but authenticity is also a selling point for consumers and tenants.”
Tim Bacon, Senior Director of Development, Brookfield Properties

(Main Photo: Bruce Damonte)