Alex Minard

Principal, Vancouver

An avid adventurer, Alex draws insight and inspiration from his travels. The variety of perspectives he encounters is reflected in his approach to design, where diversity enables creative solutions. Pragmatic and playful, he favours simple, clean, and functional designs that include sparks of delight, and he strongly believes that investing time to understand the people who will ultimately live, learn, work, and play in a building is critical to its success.

Amid a multiplicity of project types, scales, and locations, Alex focuses on education projects—from early learning through postsecondary—and finds them particularly rewarding due to the reach of their impact.

Alex leads the Vancouver studio’s Social Purpose program, where he is consistently awestruck and motivated by the impact that charities have on our communities despite limited resources.

University of Victoria—Student Housing and Dining Facility
With a high-quality, sustainable design and precedent-setting Passive House targets, the new Student Housing and Dining complex is set to make an impact on the national and international stage.
Pitt River Middle School—Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
Awarded the AIBC's Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia Award of Merit.

Alex's Featured Work

Potluck Cafe Society Commercial Kitchen and Office
Vancouver, British Columbia
View down the main stairs to the entry from the second floor of the servery with students.
University of Victoria Student Housing and Dining
Victoria, British Columbia