Cassie Branum

Associate Principal, Urban Design, Atlanta

Cassie designs for the human experience at the human scale, bringing together her expertise in the fields of interior design, architecture, city planning, and graphic design. She is drawn to the “knot” of city building because the scale of the city makes for the messiest challenges and the greatest impact.

Cassie’s exceptional breadth of experience gives her versatility and agility as a designer. In 12 years of practice, she has built an impressive portfolio, ranging from urban regeneration and blurred use environments, to innovation districts and stadium neighborhoods. Working from North America to Europe to the Middle East, she moves comfortably across cultures and between roles as designer, strategist, project manager, and planning consultant. Her strength lies in guiding the process. In any given project, she can spot where consensus is forming and build the plan on that foundation. She is consistently able to choreograph plans toward implementation.

As the co-leader of Urban Design at Perkins&Will, Cassie prioritizes collaboration and partnership. Within the firm, she works closely with her colleagues to advance urbanism at every scale. Within the community, she volunteers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she used to guest-lecture. With every client, she works closely to balance experiment and innovation with making the critical decisions that keep progress in step with reality.

Cassie is passionate about master planning projects, including this study located along the Cuyahoga River between Downtown Cleveland and many of the city’s neighborhoods.
Scranton Peninsula Master Plan - Thunderbird, Cleveland, Ohio
Cassie enjoys working at a variety of scales from small to large—like this highly anticipated community plan for the south side of Atlanta.
Turner Field Stadium Neighborhood LCI, Atlanta, Georgia
“Design is an expression of an individual’s creativity—what’s in their mind—in a physical form. Being inside those spaces is like communicating with them.”
Fun Fact about Cassie

Cassie frequently travels to far-flung locations on assignment, and has become expert in creating meandering solo trips where her schedule allows. One such occasion allowed her a 4-day weekend reprieve between assignments, during which she took a train to Edinborough, rented a car and drove around Scotland, relying on her GPS to find “fun and off-trail routes” between pubs and castles, returning each night to a beach house facing the sea.

Cassie's Featured Work

Cummings Research Park Master Plan
Huntsville, Alabama
Scranton Peninsula Master Plan – Thunderbird
Cleveland, Ohio
University of Florida Innovation Square Vision Plan
Gainesville, Florida
University of New Mexico Innovate ABQ Master Plan
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Turner Field Stadium Neighborhoods Livable Centers Initiative
Atlanta, Georgia
Oklahoma City Innovation District and Capitol Environs Land Use and Strategic Development Plan
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma