Marco Nicotera

Principal, Design Director, Atlanta

While growing up in Northeast Ohio, Marco showed an early interest and talent for drawing. Taking the guidance and encouragement from his family, he pursued a career in architecture—honing in on his craft and expanding his perspective of design.

To this day, these innate skills remain at the core of how Marco approaches the creative process—often reaching for a pen and sketch pad to envision a new idea.

At the heart of his work, regardless of the project type, clarity and simplicity are reflected in the human experience of the design. With ranging interests from industrial design, to minimalist art, Marco takes inspiration from everyday moments and translate them into award-winning designs.

Marco lives in Atlanta, where he enjoys playing sports and spending free time with wife Monika and children Ava and Jack.

Dobyns-Bennett High School
Kingsport, Tenneessee
Tuskegee University Sketch
Tuskegee, Alabama
Cleveland Brewery Sketch
Cleveland, Ohio

Marco's Featured Work

Piedmont Wellness Center
Fayetteville, Georgia
Scranton Peninsula Master Plan – Thunderbird
Cleveland, Ohio
Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School
Atlanta, Georgia
Dobyns-Bennett High School, Regional Science and Technology Center
Kingsport, Tennessee