Andrew Grote

Principal, Operations Director, Boston

From a young age, Andrew simply loved to learn. He wanted to explore all subjects, from math and science to writing and art. This genuine enthusiasm for knowledge quickly led him to architecture, a profession where he could exercise his creativity, integrate diverse disciplines, and tackle complex problems. That’s why he’s committed his career to the design of educational facilities; he hopes to pass on his zest for learning to tomorrow’s students, to inspire the next wave of innovators.

As Operations Director, and a veteran project manager, Andrew focuses on empowering teams to learn and grow in their own way. He understands that successful teams are made up of engaged individuals who, at the end of a project, can clearly see how their work contributed to its overall success.

"As architects, we’re drawn to complexity, and we like complex problems. Finding a complex solution to a complex problem is actually pretty easy. Finding an elegant solution is really hard."
Andrew puts great value in his opportunity to mentor emerging talent. "It's about steering people toward their strengths while keeping them open to new possibilities–always be open to learning.”
Fun Fact
Andrew continues his lifelong love for drawing on his kids’ sandwich bags.

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Andrew's Featured Work

Keene State College Living and Learning Commons
Keene, New Hampshire
Wentworth Institute of Technology Schumann Library and Learning Commons
Boston, Massachusetts
MIT Site 3
SoMa Site 3 Lab Building
Cambridge, Massachusetts