Baptist Miami Beach | 709 Alton Road

Miami Beach, Florida
Well-Being for People and the Planet

Baptist Health Miami Beach isn’t your ordinary healthcare center. Located on Alton Road, one of the beach’s most popular streets, this new light-filled location for the non-profit brings essential care into the heart of the neighborhood. Through a series of community workshops and conversations with locals, our designers delivered a mixed-use building that serves and amplifies the dynamic character of this bustling district.

The center offers residents a centrally located option for community-focused care services, from mammograms to yoga classes. At Baptist Health, our design introduces an entirely new type of mixed-use healthcare experience—one where you can schedule a nearby appointment, receive care, have lunch, and go shopping all in the same place.

Uniting the energy of the street with the goings-on inside the building, the center is a welcoming amenity for the neighborhood, fully integrated into its community setting.

“Our design prioritizes a seamless transition from commute to care, without the obstacles of stairs or even an elevator ride.”

Kricket Snow

Our Green Deal

We’ve integrated a green roof, complete with a garden and terrace for events, workshops and rehabilitation. Shaded with help from a bold sun-screen frame on the facade, the rooftop allows patients and their families to relax and enjoy the Miami weather. However, it does more: The vegetation on the roof naturally cools the interior, and absorbs tropical heat rather than sending it back into the environment. From fitness classes to community events, the roof terrace is as hard-working as it is playful.

Aerial view of Baptist Miami Beach
Horizontal facade Baptist MIami Beach
Well Being Inside and Out

Unlike more traditional healthcare centers, the well-being of the Baptist staff is held to the same standard as the patient experience. Nurse stations are sun-filled and allow caretakers quick and easy access from station to patient, a part of the flowing interior space—our glass facade allows light and air to reach every room, and everyone.

Accessible by Design

Our design for Baptist Health allows patients and doctors to navigate their building with ease. By lifting parking spaces to the second and third floors, patients and their loved ones can park on the same level as their doctor’s office, creating a seamless connection to care even for those on crutches or using a wheelchair.

Project Team

Carlos Chiu
Jose Gelabert-Navia
Pat Bosch