BMW Site Operations Center

Spartanburg, South Carolina
Driving Innovation

Creating a silo-free retreat in a serene, 78-acre woodland preserve required close design collaboration from the start. BMW, masters of design, presented a detailed look at brand aesthetics to help our designers zero-in on any nuance the new structure might need.

The blueprints had to include European-style conservation metrics and a socialization space that was job-title agnostic. Essentially, improving working relationships with both the environment and employees was at stake.

After much research and material testing, the team narrowed down their choices. One of the most notable design elements was Brazilian Ipe, known for its durability. As an added benefit, its look pulls industrial features and green surroundings together beautifully.

In a nod to BMW’s commitment to conservation efforts, the structure uses 40% less energy and water. To quote the client, the building turned out to be “very BMW.”

To recharge, employees head to the covered porch, tea kitchens, and canteen. Even better? Enjoying the silo-free comradery.

BMW was keen on illustrating its dedication to employee well-being while also increasing their overall employee communication and engagement.

To serve the employees as well as the directive from top management, we designed an open, airy office along a central circulation spine. This created a simple, intuitive layout which provides ample views of project rooms as well as formal and informal conference space. And, of course, it lets in revitalizing views of nature and plenty of daylight.


The design objective of the Site Operations Center is to establish a sense of place while providing a framework for phased growth expansion that over time will create an iconic and sustainable campus environment.

Project Team

Bruce McEvoy
Zan Stewart