Warm and natural palettes, ample daylight, and discreet branding greet staff and visitors at reception to create a welcoming first impression.
The single-level, generous reception desk is designed to be used as a collaborative work space for the receptionist, staff and visitors alike.


Dublin, Ireland

The design for Experian’s Dublin HQ is a catalyst, kickstarting the business’s new vision for their work culture and workplace portfolio through agile work settings for both local and international staff.

We guided Experian on their first venture into contemporary, future-proof workplace environments with a focus on staff wellbeing and talent attraction at the heart of Dublin.

The conference room is a hub of activity for visiting international staff, with design elements that pay homage to the Dublin office's local identity.
A return to the office—on employee terms.

Attracting new talent in Dublin and encouraging a return to the office on the employees’ terms was at the heart of the design strategy for Experian’s Dublin HQ. We held local and remote stakeholder sessions to understand staff requirements and to communicate the design concept.

As the catalyst for Experian’s ‘Future of Work’ program, the new workplace offers a variety of activity-based settings for employees to ensure an environment of choice and inclusion, where wellbeing is paramount.

Employees now have a variety of different spaces to use throughout their day, including informal break out and collaboration areas, a social cafe-pantry area, hot desking, focus booths, three private meeting rooms, and a formal boardroom. All of this is set against a backdrop of biophilia, natural materials, and views across Dublin to ensure a healthy and comfortable work environment.

All joinery and glazed partitions were designed for dissasembly.
Planting surrounds the workspaces to support a calm, healthy environment, and to act as a natural boundary between work and social areas.
Sustainable methodologies, such as our materials bank for rigorous standards around healthy materials, have ensured a safe and healthy environment.
A healthy, inclusive working environment.

All aspects of physical, mental, and social wellbeing have been considered for Experian’s new workplace. We have created a work environment that gives a feeling of safety, while being conducive to creativity and innovation.

Abundant natural light, good air quality, and high-quality materials such as FSC-certified wood, cork tiles, dried-flower wallpaper, felt acoustic panels, and paper-based laminates help with acoustics and support a healthy environment.

Intuitive design features ensure that the space is accessible for all needs: colour contrasts signify entrances and exits to all rooms and floors, and a variation in flooring signals how spaces are used, with carpets designating workspace and hard floors for social spaces. Perforated panels around the informal collaboration spaces also improve the visibility across the wider workspace for visually impaired staff.

Project Team

Justin Treacy
Lydia Collis