Global FinTech HQ

Dublin, Ireland
A new home in Dublin's Tech Quarter for a multi-national brokerage firm.

This new office, over two floors at North Docks in the heart of Dublin, unites 150 employees for the first time, as part of our client’s wider plan to expand their European operations and develop their culture and identity. The inclusive design has flexibility built-in, allowing for future expansion as the company grows.

Designed For Connection and Collaboration

Materials, furniture and products crafted by Irish suppliers were carefully chosen, giving employees a range of workplace options, breakout spaces and opportunities for collaboration and socialising.

A neutral, calm colour palette and natural materials have created a series of harmonious spaces, connecting the interiors with views out to the River Liffey. The timeless aesthetic—with subtle, colourful, and creative accents—mirrors the nature of our client’s business: sitting at the cross-section of tech and financial services.

A blend of warmth and texture.
A timeless aesthetic, anchored in tradition and craftsmanship, with a contemporary refinement.
Designed with Wellbeing in Mind

The layout was designed to maximise natural light for all work areas, which are situated around the perimeter facade. It includes communal staff spaces, where staff can refresh and recharge, and enjoy views of the City beyond. The main canteen, located at the southern facade of the building, overlooks the banks of the River Liffey, providing panoramic views towards the Dublin Mountains.

The design incorporates natural materials to provide warmth and texture, such as natural wood veneers, wood pulp acoustic panels, wool and hemp upholstery fabrics, as well as planting and greenery integrated into joinery and dispersed throughout the office, to provide biophilic benefits to staff wellbeing.

Workstations are situated around the perimeter of the building, to maximise access to natural light.
Open plan areas have received acoustic treatment, providing auditory privacy and visual interest.
The detailed woodwork was beautifully hand-crafted by local joiners.
Spaces have been specifically designed for employees to collaborate, connect with team members, and maximise connections with the outside.

Project Team

Justin Treacy
Lydia Collis