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Sacramento Valley Station Area Plan

Sacramento, California
A New Model for Urban Living

Sacramento Valley Station has become a center of gravity for new planning initiatives and investment. While the existing station is served by many transit providers, it lacks the seamless efficiency of a successful multimodal hub.

The Area Plan seeks to capitalize on the land value through the development of high-intensity, mixed-use projects, and, more broadly, to strengthen the connections between Old Sacramento, Downtown Sacramento, and the emerging Railyards District.

Focusing on user experience, the primary goals of this initial phase were to catalyze growth in downtown Sacramento with a walkable, livable district and develop a robust network of alternative modes, eliminating on-site parking demand for transit users and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

With multiple modalities and interests converging in one dense place, the new district will establish a common ground that can capture and reflect the unique character of Sacramento, in a carbon-net positive model for urban living.

The Sacramento Valley Station’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated by the ambitious goal of establishing a vision within the Living Community Challenge to create a symbiotic relationship between people of the built environment.


The Area Plan supports a carbon net-positive goal by providing an attractive, efficient and competitive multi-modal service and net-zero emissions buildings. A well-balanced and dense mix of uses is proposed on-site, supporting reduced vehicle trips by virtue of proximity. In addition, enhanced access to urban nature and recreational amenities provides an opportunity to establish a sustainable and resilient urban environment that promotes healthy living. Targeting achievement of the ambitious Living Community Challenge, the Area Plan goes beyond conventional sustainability approaches to attain regeneration of resources and net-positive community impact.

Active Transit Plaza brings the local community and visitors together.

Sacramento Valley Station’s open spaces include a vibrant multimodal Transit Plaza, an iconic Civic Plaza, an innovative community park providing opportunities for active recreation, and landscape infrastructure which showcases water and energy regeneration processes. With respect to Sacramento’s historic context, the network of open spaces will bring local communities and visitors together for socially inclusive events that celebrate quality lifestyle, easy access to multiple travel modes, and closer interaction with nature.

What Makes it Cool
Sacramento Valley Station is the primary rail station in northern California and the seventh busiest station in the country.
Welcoming pedestrians through the 5th Street Plaza at the east entrance.
The development includes a range of affordable and market rate housing for an equitable and inclusive community.
What it is
This Area Plan is a pivotal project that will guide the transformation of the 31-acre study area into a sustainable regional mobility hub within a connected, vibrant, and walkable community - where people take center stage.
The Chinese Commemorative Garden celebrates the cultural history of the site and the local community.

Project Team

Geeti Silwal