You, Perdizes

São Paulo, Brazil
A Residence Fit For São Paulo’s Cosmopolitan Lifestyle

São Paulo is going through a revolution with its residents who are eager for more connection and access to public space. As a result, we’re seeing a desire for spaces to combine living, work, and play.

You, Perdizes is a multifamily residential building that offers diverse unit layouts and amenities that fit alternative lifestyles. Located in one of São Paulo’s most desirable neighborhoods, it takes advantage of the surrounding infrastructure with access to public transportation, grocery stores, parks, schools, and healthcare centers.

The building's compact studios feature 3.7-meter-tall ceilings. 

The high ceilings help the smaller apartments maintain a sense of openness.

Studio Interiors
Compact spaces for a city lifestyle.
Swimming Pool
A Rooftop with 360-Degree Views

The common areas such as pool, laundry room and coworking are located on the building’s rooftop in order to better seize the 360-degree view of the city.

What makes it cool

The façade’s modern look was inspired in the body paintings of indigenous Tupi Guarani people, since the building is located at Bartira Street, named after one of the tribe’s famous members.

Project Team

Douglas Tolaine
Douglas Tolaine