Kathy Wardle

Principal, Vancouver

With a family rooted in the Vancouver design and real estate industries, Kathy was exposed to buildings from an early age. However, it was hiking through old growth forests on Vancouver Island and the tropical rainforests of South America that inspired her to pursue a career in environmental resource management and embark on her journey as a sustainable building consultant—an uncharted career path at the time.

During her early days with the studio, her relentless passion for environmental stewardship gained her the title of being the first co-director of the firmwide Sustainable Design Initiative (SDI), which transformed the firm into the leading green practice it is today. Since that time and through leading the studio’s internal research department, she has upheld her strong belief in balancing the protection of our vital ecosystems with the business and aspirations of our clients. Kathy is now the Regional Director of Regenerative Design for Canada, and she is the recipient of the CaGBC Green Building Champion award in 2023.

“Sustainability on our projects is no longer advocated for by just one voice, it is championed by everyone on the team striving to do better.”
Centre for Sustainable Research on Sustainability
Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability
Exceeding LEED Platinum status, Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) was designed to put sustainable systems on display and act as a “living laboratory” and catalyst of change where students, researchers and partners test and demonstrate designs and technologies to advance our understanding of sustainable building and community practices.
Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, System Diagram
Kathy Wardle mentors staff member
"By taking a systems thinking approach to building design, it enables our team to propel our projects forward in terms of sustainability performance. We have a responsibility to design buildings and communities that have a lasting positive impact not only on our natural systems but support the health and well-being of people."
Members of the Women4Climate Mentorship program
A Positive Role Model
Outside of the office, Kathy is a mother of three young children and is often found hiking in the mountains, riding her bike with her all-female cycling club, volunteering at her kids’ schools, or mentoring young women through the City of Vancouver’s C40 Women for Climate Initiative. Through all her endeavors, Kathy strives to set a positive example for the next generation.

Kathy's Featured Work

VanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor Centre
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada's Earth Tower Winter Gardens
Canada’s Earth Tower
Vancouver, British Columbia
Marine Gateway Overview
Marine Gateway
Vancouver, British Columbia
University of British Columbia Orchard Commons
Vancouver, British Columbia
University of British Columbia Gateway
Vancouver, BC
Skeena Terrace
Vancouver, British Columbia
View down the main stairs to the entry from the second floor of the servery with students.
University of Victoria Student Housing and Dining
Victoria, British Columbia