Duke Medicine Pavilion

Durham, North Carolina

Project Info
Duke Medicine Pavilion
Durham, North Carolina
Completion Date: 2013
Square Footage: 611,000
The Landscape Architecture Awards for Healthcare Environments, 2013
The Center for Health Design / The Society for the Advancement of Gerontological Environments

The Duke Medicine Pavilion, comprising approximately 611,000 square feet of space, sits at the heart of the Duke University Medical Center. The new Pavilion was conceived as the front door and centerpiece of a complex of new clinical facilities and adds 16 new operating suites and 160 critical care and intermediate care, or step-down, beds. The Pavilion’s architectural design vocabulary hearkens to the neo-gothic character of the academic campus, but with a modern approach and intricacy of detail appropriate to the high technology and high-touch care contained within.

A new, elevated plaza welcomes patients and visitors to the new complex and connects the three surrounding buildings with calming and accessible outdoor spaces. The innovative patient floor planning at the Duke Medicine Pavilion creates an inward-looking patient care environment focused around elevated courtyards and gardens in order to maximize the access to natural light and improve the speed of patient recovery, while enhancing worker productivity. The new patient rooms employ floor-to-ceiling glass and overhead boom service delivery to encourage the transition from a caregiver to an exterior orientation for the patient as their condition improves. The units themselves are designed around smaller, central light wells that provide access to natural light for staff from the break room and hoteling workstations, while still being central to the patient care areas. The units were also carefully configured to minimize staff travel distance to the most frequently accessed clinical support rooms and to maximize visibility from nurse stations and charting stations to patient monitors.

The first inpatient facility in the state of North Carolina to achieve a LEED rating, the project achieved LEED Gold status and is designed to save 3.5 million gallons of water annually, and save 24.5% of energy costs. The Duke Medicine Pavilion goes beyond baseline LEED requirements with innovative design strategies such as the Life Cycle Assessment performed during the early structural design to understand the carbon dioxide related impacts from various structural materials being considered.

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