UC Hastings Law, Campus Housing

San Francisco, California
An Academic Village in San Francisco's Civic Center

Together with UC Hastings, we created a welcoming hub for the university’s San Francisco-based College of the Law students. Anchored by residential life for graduate students and faculty in a range of unit types, each tower of Campus Housing will feature distinct common spaces. Both the new and renovated towers will include academic classrooms, community engagement spaces, food and retail options, and the YMCA.

The heritage 100 McAllister building (244 units) will be renovated to reallocate the building for an upgrade and realignment of housing unit types. The current sealed access along the corner of McAllister and Leavenworth will be reopened and engaged with the community.

The reconstructed site of 198 McAllister (656 new units with 668 beds) will feature housing units along Hyde Street and add an internal courtyard that will focus on the level 7 sky lounge. This sky lounge features the majority of the common spaces for the housing programs. The design extends connectivity across the city block, provides maximum transparency, and visually extends the vertical connections through the development, drawing students and the community to the campus.

A ribbon of transparent public spaces winds its way across the buildings via a series of windows. The transparency provides a connection between the inner workings of 198 McAllister and the public realm, ascending to show a number of study rooms before culminating at a skyline lounge and terrace.
What Makes It Cool
The building’s residential façade is composed of custom concave aluminum panels that are an abstraction of the depth and texture of the fluted classical columns found in traditional judicial design.
A mix of public uses define the entry to 198 McAllister, highlighting the overlap between the Academic Village and the community.
Generous transparency at street level and a skylight above bring daylight deep into the lobby of 198 McAllister, creating a welcoming hub with a strong connection between inside and outside.
“We want to create an academic village where students and potentially faculty from multiple campuses can be housed. This is our biggest project ever."

David Seward, CFO, UC Hastings

The building will include 650 beds for graduate students, as well as a community auditorium, courtrooms and retail. 80,000 square feet will be specifically dedicated to academic spaces, and about 35 percent of the residential units will be reserved for UC Hastings learners and employees.
198 & 100 McAllister will anchor the Academic Village on the southern and eastern edges of campus.

Project Team

John Long
David Damon
Matthew Pierce