Sports, Recreation + Entertainment

Participating in community or campus sports and recreation is a very local and communal experience. Each of our sports and recreation facilities are inspired by their locations, by their surroundings and by the unique culture and spirit of the community and institution that they serve. We design for the team, the spectators and those seeking both individual and social exercise. We seek to inspire with exceptional surroundings, quality construction, beautiful materials, views to the outdoors that together architecturally encourage the pursuit of personal wellbeing.

Athletic and student recreation centers are an integral part of the campus experience. Post-secondary sports facilities encourage students to do more than workout or participate in intramural and intercollegiate sports. Our design begins with the aim to provide the setting for students to communicate across cultural boundaries, create new relationships, and foster lifestyle changes that help inspire and shape their lives.

In our communities, recreational venues offer active experiences that will last a lifetime. These facilities can provide various types of fitness activities, for all generations. Perkins+Will believes in this holistic view of wellness, and through our buildings we create important forums that are helping people improve their physical, mental and spiritual health. No longer simply a place to workout or learn to swim or skate, these facilities are integral to the everyday life of the entire community.