Nick Seierup


Design Principal, Los Angeles

Los Angeles

+1 (213) 270-8474

Nick Seierup designs architecture that celebrates the modern public realm. He expressively redefines socially relevant public places and institutions through his committed focus on the fundamental issues of community, context and culture. As Design Director our Los Angeles office, Nick oversees a wide variety of project types throughout the world including large university, civic, mixed-use, science + technology and healthcare.

Historically referential, rooted in site, client and programmatic function, his creations illuminate their time and place enabling and ennobling the diverse aspects of modern life. Nick believes that architecture plays an important role in society and that it is the architect's responsibility to advance and enrich the public domain through thoughtful, conscientious design. His advocacy on behalf of the profession has led to the creation of public programs, exhibits and organizations that promote a richer appreciation of the built environment.

Nick is a graduate of the Southern California Institute of Architecture and studied at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design. Select honors include elevation to Fellow of the American Institute of Architects in 2006 and SCI-Arc Distinguished Alumnus in 2004. He has held several positions in the AIA at the local and state levels including 2001 President of AIA/LA. He has also served for the past 12 years as a Trustee of SCI-Arc. His design work has been recognized with more than 70 awards including 47 from the American Institute of Architects.