Allen Post


Senior Associate


+1 (404) 443-7633

Allen serves as the Atlanta office’s Transformation and Reuse Leader, specializing in Adaptive Reuse projects. From renovating outdated office buildings, old mills, and factories to concert venues and schools, Allen strives to honor a site’s past while supporting the present and innovating for the future. He starts each project by identifying the defining characteristics of a given structure and then imagining how those features might creatively serve other purposes. His work unveils new opportunities for older spaces, breathes life into abandoned sites, and brings renewed vitality and opportunity to communities worldwide.

As a registered architect with 20 years of experience, Allen works collaboratively with multiple team structures and stakeholders to lead teams through all phases of design and construction. Allen works very closely with his clients to understanding the unique challenges of each individual project, working towards solutions that meet his clients’ goals. He is involved with the local Atlanta community through Atlanta’s Urban Land Institute, it’s Center for Leadership, The American Institute of Architecture’s Discover Architecture after school program, and the local National Urban Squash+Education program called A+Squash. Allen received his Masters in Architecture from Columbia University and a Bachelors in History from Brown University.