Washington, DC

1250 24th Street, NW
Suite 800
Washington, DC 20037
t +1 (202) 737-1020
f +1 (202) 223-1570

Located in the heart of the nation's capital, the Washington DC office is a diverse practice delivering thoughtful, transformative, client-focused solutions. As leaders in the marketplace, we are gratified by our significant roster of long term clients as well as the new ones added to it each year. Among them are the institutional and individual leaders who are on the forefront of building our region.

We believe the economic imperative for increased efficiency and today's global business climate, require the thoughtful consideration of Energy, Water and Waste to remain competitive and assure a healthy environment for generations to come. Underscoring our commitment to sustainable design solutions, the Washington practice proudly occupies award-winning space which achieved LEED Platinum certification. In addition, we take great pride in having designed half of the total CI Platinum projects inside the District.

We are committed to serving the communities in which we live through company supported volunteer events and initiatives, as well as pro bono professional services. Our work is accomplished while promoting the values of healthy culture, professional development, environmental stewardship, sound financial practices and investment in the community.


Office Leaders
Managing Director:
Chris Morrison
Design Director:
Carl Knutson
Interior Design Director:
Ken Wilson
Director of Operations:
Tim Bakos

Market and Service Leaders
Corporate Interiors
Laura Vierling
Ken Wilson
Corporate, Commercial + Civic
Rod Letonja
Daniel Moore
Brian Sykes
Tatiana Escobar
Higher Education
Tom Butcavage
Science + Technology
Paul Harney
Jeffrey Welter
Workplace Strategy
Laura Vierling
Heather Nixon
Technical Director
Joshua Rubin